FlowerMart Dog Show

1st place: Abu, Rat Terrier/Mini Pinscher Mix, owned by Sally Maier

2nd place: Crayon, Hound Mix, owned by Peter Quinn and Catherine Quinn (brother and sister)

3rd place: Rocky, Pomeranian, owned by Jonathan Kilberth

4th place: Wendell Barry, Cockapoo, owned by Susan Christiansen

Happy Feet Dance Contest

1st place winners for Salsa Dance Contest: Karissa & Ben

1st place winner of Freestyle Dance Contest: Erin

Show Off Your Best Preakness Hat® Contest

1st place (TIE): Stephanie Lawrence and Megan Brockway

2nd place (couple): Stephone Roberts and Andrea Dufrenne

3rd place: Brandy Gates

Raffle Winners

50/50 winner of $150: Sarah McVay

Winner of the Tower Garden Growing System Raffle: Richard Brokenshire. The prize was donated to FlowerMart by Dottie Ray.


Several local businesses contributed prizes for use in our 2017 contests.
We thank them and everyone in the list below for their charitable contributions.

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